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Luau Lagoon!

Opae Ula are an incredibly hardy species of brackish water shrimp from Hawaii! Bring a slice of the tropics to your home or office today!


No Heater!

Opae Ula like room temp water! If you're comfortable, they're comfortable! They're happiest between 60 and 80 degrees.

No Filter!

Opae Ula like still, stagnant water. They produce very little waste which is used by the algae that feeds the shrimp!

No Water Changes!

Luau Lagoons never need their water changed! Over time the water level will drop due to evaporation. Simply top up with distilled water!

Eco Friendly

Luau Lagoons are made with sustainably sourced components. All the coral used is fossilized and we repurpose glass jars whenever possible. The Opae Ula shrimp are bred in captivity in the US, we are currently working on our own breeding program.

An Open System

Unlike other systems, Luau Lagoons are not sealed air tight. This allows oxygen to exchange and for food to be added. Sealed systems lead to small, sickly shrimp due to a lack of nutrients. They don't need a lot, but it's important for their health!

A Complete Package

Each Luau Lagoon includes everything you need for years of happy shrimp! We have you covered! These are truly one of the easiest pets ever! Each component is carefully chosen to promote top health in your new pets.